Fifth Article of Faith

Song: "The Priesthood Is Restored" (Children' s Songbook, p. 89.)

Scripture: Article of Faith 1:5


You enjoy the knowledge and assurance that your baptism is valid, because he who performed it was called of God "by those who are in authority." He did not call himself, but was called of God.

(Loren C. Dunn, "To Our Friend the New Member," Ensign, Feb. 1983, 65)


What would happen if everyone in your class wanted to be the teacher? What would happen if 752 people decided to be the president of the United States? What would happen if, one Sunday, all the people in your ward decided to lead the music?

You can imagine how mixed up everything would be. We need certain people to do certain jobs. We need a teacher for each class at school. We need a president for our country, and we need people to lead the music in church. Heavenly Father understands how mixed up things could be. He does not want His church to be mixed up. In fact, He said just that in the Doctrine and Covenants, section 132, verse 8:

"Behold, mine _________ is a _________ of __________ . . . and not a _________ of __________."

Find that section in your Doctrine and Covenants and fill in the blanks. The fifth Article of Faith explains how we can keep order in Heavenly Father's house.

(Ann Laemmlen and Jackie Owen, Articles of Faith Learning Book, [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1990], p. 60-61.)


Look at the list of people below. If a person needs to be called of God, circle the letter in the "yes" column. If a person does not need to be called of God, circle the "no" column.

Put letters in order in the blanks in the sentence below the list to find out what the scriptures say. Check yourself by reading Hebrews, chapter 5, verse 4, in the Bible.

Yes No

Missionaries N P

School teacher O A

Jonah H R

Mailman W R

Abinadi T Q

Primary teacher I B

Bishop E D

Baseball coach A E

Doctor Y S

Joseph Smith C N

Superman M E

Stake President G F

__o m__n taketh this __onou__ un__o h__ms__lf, but h__ that i__ __all__d of __od.

(Ann Laemmlen and Jackie Owen, Articles of Faith Learning Book, [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1990], p. 68-69.)

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