Finding the Deal

Dear Dave,

You mentioned on your show that you once bought a truck below wholesale price. Do you have any tips for finding a good deal on a used car?


Dear Anonymous,

When it comes to things like this, I just go on a big treasure hunt. I don't really care where I buy something, because the best deals will sometimes pop up in the most unlikely places. The rule to remember when buying big ticket items is this: He who has the most patience and the most information wins.

If you do a little research and don't get car fever, you can find some pretty sweet deals. I'm all about good deals, so the patience part of the equation wasn't a big thing for me. I did a lot of digging around while I was looking, and in the process became an expert on certain types of trucks in particular areas. It's really hard to get burned if you have a little patience, and plenty of good, solid information!

- Dave

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