Finding the Perfect Nanny

If you and your family have been considering hiring an extra set of hands around the house, here are some tips to help you get started. * *Determine if having a nanny would be cost effective.* Hiring a nanny is not just for the rich. The cost can actually be comparable or slightly more than having your children in a preschool or daycare. Also consider that nannies do not generally charge per child but based on the needs of the family as a whole, making it less expensive than daycare for some larger families. * *Perform a thorough background check.* Although they charge a fee, using a nanny agency is the best way to ensure you are hiring a reliable caregiver. When choosing an agency, make sure you ask what their screening process is. Minimally, an agency should do a criminal background check, motor vehicle records check, and reference check. Here's another tip--find an agency with a guarantee. This will protect you if your nanny leaves prior to your contract's end. * *Choose a nanny who shares and/or supports your values.* Posting an advertisement at your local singles ward or Institute could help you find some great candidates. If you don't have the time or desire to search on your own then consider using Your Child's Nanny--an agency that specializes in placing LDS nannies, housekeepers, and other domestic help. They offer a free cost analysis, personality testing, and skills assessment for each candidate. Visit for more information. * *Ever thought of being a nanny yourself?* Now is the perfect time to apply. With the end of summer comes a lot of stress for moms, and back to school is the busiest time of year for nanny agencies. Your Child's Nanny is on the lookout for nannies right now, and they treat their employees just as well as they treat their clients. In addition to a good salary and benefits, being a nanny can give you the opportunity to travel with families living all over the place. The agency even connects their nannies with a singles' ward in their new area when they relocate. But, there are a few criteria nannies have to meet: Your Child's Nanny only accepts applications from US citizens who have at least three years of childcare experience, CPR certification, and a letter of recommendation from their bishops. This policy helps to ensure that their clients are getting great nannies who will have a good influence on the children they care for.
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