Five lasting impressions from general conference

Last Friday we left our home in Colorado and drove to our first general conference.

It was a delightful road trip over the Rocky Mountains. The weather was perfect, and we had the additional blessing of witnessing some amazing fall colors: The panoply of yellow, orange, red and green was breathtaking.

It started our weekend off with an appropriate sense of awe and gratitude for our Heavenly Father and this beautiful world he has carefully and lovingly created for our enjoyment. We drove into Orem through Provo Canyon with an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment, which is no small accomplishment given the eight-hour drive in a car crammed with five people, five suitcases, five pillows and blankets, as well as books, food, miscellaneous games, DVDs and other things we have yet to dig out from between the seats.

The kids (and the parents) were eagerly anticipating the opportunity to see, hear and take in the whole conference experience, so it was a whirlwind of weekend activities. Late Sunday night, we finally arrived home after driving through torrential rains, sleet, fog and even some snow.

While the weather wasn't perfect, the feelings in our hearts and minds were full of gratitude. As I reflect back on the last three days, there are five impressions that stand out in my mind.

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