Fun Valentine's Day Youth Activities

Valentine's Day is approaching, so it's time to celebrate at your Mutual activity. Here are a few ideas from Kimberly L. Bytheway and Diane H. Loveridge's book Traditions. Be creative and show your love for your youth group.

Love Container

Buy a little heart-shaped contained that can hold some type of candy or note. At the beginning of the month, show the heart to the youth group. Fill it during meetings and pass it along. Enjoy the month of February watching the "love container" pass through the group again and again.

Candlelight Dinner for All

Make the traditional candlelight dinner a mutual event. Have everyone dress up in their finest clothes and sit down at an elegant table, complete with place cards, cloth napkins, goblets, and silver. Serve the dinner "restaurant style" with nicely arranged plates complete with parsley. Try to have everyone use proper manners, as if they were at a fancy restaurant. You may consider having a dance for the older group.

Dinner Plate Valentine

When setting the tables on Valentine's Day, turn the dinner plates upside down. Have auxiliary groups take turns to hiding little treasures under the overturned plates, such as jewelry, candy, or notes. This will be an exciting way for your youth group to exchange valentines.

Remember the Widows

Sit together at a table and make special valentines for the widows in your neighborhood. Talk about specific people and try to decorate the valentines according to what you think they like. Draw pictures of special talents they have, and write a note inside wishing them a happy Valentine's day.

Heart-Shaped Cookie Bake

On the Mutual activity closest to Valentine's Day, gather the young group for a cookie bake. Make a huge batch of cookie dough and shape it into large cookies, the size of dinner plates. As each cookie comes out of the oven, have a youth decorate it however he or she chooses and then put a friend or family member's name in the center of the cookie. It will be fun for the teenagers to use their own creativity for their loved ones and to see what others are creating. When the cookies are ready, drive (or walk) around together to deliver them. Use any extra dough for refreshments.

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