General conference DVD blesses African Latter-day Saints

More than 900 Mormons in the Africa West Area traveled to their local meetinghouses on Nov. 1 to listen to the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints speak in general conference. Although general conference took place at the beginning of October, for many Church members throughout the world, watching general conference live is difficult because of time differences and other technical details. For this reason, they gather together in meetinghouses to watch the DVD version of general conference.

Although a short time lapse has occurred since the live conference, members recognize the importance of attending and are strengthened as they hear the words of the living prophet and apostles.

"Members who have come to the DVD viewing of conference and heard the prophet and apostles have felt the Spirit," said President Francis Nmeribe, of the Aba Nigeria Stake. "Many have specifically said that it feels as if they are in the real life presence of the prophet of the Lord."

Although Mormon Church members have been watching conference this way for years, a specific day was designated by leaders in the Africa West Area to watch the DVD of conference. Members attending the DVD conference session in the Aba Nigeria Stake on Nov. 1 watched conference projected on the wall in their meetinghouse.

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