Get thee on a date

I just got back from a romantic trip with my husband (and some UVU students) in London and Paris. I know, but please don’t stop reading. This is not going to be a brag blog, but, rather, a simple plea from a woman to go on a date with your husband. A real date. From a woman with several young children at home who has recently had time to think thoughts, sleep, think uninterrupted, see the world, think complete, real thoughts, and make out on the streets on Paris.

Without the job that Topher has, we wouldn’t be able to have a trip like this. It’s a perk that evens out some of the long hours and red tape. There were, also, 13 students there with us, but they’re technically adults, so they could be unsupervised at times. Part of the magic of this trip was wandering the streets of London and Paris, but most of it was being there with Topher. After 14 years of marriage, I have been married not long enough to see the results of all our decisions, but long enough to see many marriages crash and burn. I have seen several marriage up close fall apart and it only reaffirms my commitment to taking the time, money, and planning (energy!) to date my husband.

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