Getting the Most from General Conference

Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy general conference all year round: 1. Purchase extra copies of the conference issue of the Ensign--one for each member of your family. Encourage those old enough to read a bit each day and to mark favorite passages. 2. Download conference talks (from onto your mp3 player or other audio-listening device and listen to them while you clean house, commute to work, walk the dog, or workout. 3. As part of your Sabbath day worship, watch one conference talk as a family, either on DVD or through the Internet. 4. Use conference talks for family home evening lessons. Read the Ensign article, Learning from Conference (October 2007, page 30), for specific inspiration on using general conference talks for family home evening. 5. Copy some of your favorite conference talk passages onto 3x5 cards and put them where you can easily read them. 6. Carry a conference issue of the Ensign with you to church so you can refer to it when someone mentions a particular talk or when someone's talk or lesson reminds you of something you learned in conference that you'd like to share. 7. Revisit the stories told in conference with your children. Consider Elder Bednar's story of making pickles ("Ye Must Be Born Again," Ensign, May 2007, 19), Elder Wirthlin's story of Snowman, the old gray gelding who became a champion jumping horse ("The Abundant Life," Ensign, May 2006, 99) or any one of President Monson's many engaging and heartfelt stories. 8. Encourage family members to use conference talks as a primary resource when preparing sacrament meeting talks. 9. Informally discuss what you have learned from conference talks with your spouse, your children, parents, siblings, around the dinner table, or even online. 10. Record your impressions of conference talks in your journal. As you write, contemplate questions such as these: How can I liken this conference talk to my life? What blessings have come when I have applied a particular general conference talk to my life?
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