Gimme some guilt with that birthday cake

Okay, it started with sloth, I confess. Birthdays are heavily concentrated in the last quarter of the year and the riotous revelry continues through December, ending with my own birthday after Christmas. By that time, I’m a dishrag and I just want everyone to leave me alone after a nice dinner that I don’t have to clean up.

So, I got the bright idea of a no-trouble, no-clean-up kind of birthday for ds in October. Take the kiddies to a movie party. Now, this is where all you enlightened mothers willl laugh at me, I’m sure. Off I go to the movie theater, happily anticipating my liberation from cleaning up after a multitude of destructive kindergarteners…it won’t take me three days to restore my house to my compulsive concept of clean. After a VIP tour of the facilities we’d be renting for the party, I sat down to speak with the manager about a date and cost. Well. (Go ahead, snicker at me and nod knowingly)….the price of peace is $17 per child for a movie, a small bag of popcorn, a bag of Skittles and a drink.

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