Giving with Plastic

Dear Dave,

Our church is considering letting members use credit cards to tithe or give to other programs. I'm trying to prepare for a finance team meeting, and I want to be prepared. What advice would you offer?

Dear Anonymous,

My advice would be to say no to this idea. Do you really believe people should tithe or give to the church with a credit card when we live in a culture where the number one cause of divorce is money problems?

I know people will argue that it's more convenient. Well, part of the exercise of giving is to build the character of the giver. I doubt anyone's going to break a sweat writing a check, but if they do it probably won't cause them any spiritual harm.

I would also challenge your finance team to find one place in the Bible where something positive is said about debt. God calls debt a curse and says the borrower is slave to the lender. When God talks that way about something, it makes me think it's probably not a good thing.

This isn't a salvation issue. But why in the world would leaders of a church want to steer the congregation toward something negative? Hopefully, you can put an end to this bad idea before it's too late!


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