Good communication: When intent equals impact

Communication, or the lack thereof, is among the top three issues couples seek out Dr. Michael Adams for. But it affects all relationships, even those that might appear ideal.

"If you think you're never going to disagree in a relationship, think again," Adams said in a lecture Thursday as part of a dating conference at BYU. "It happens in the best of marriages."

Adams is a campus professor and therapist in BYU's counseling center, and meets with couples who are married or dating. He said that even when individuals were raised in similar circumstances speaking the same language, the family cultures in which they're brought up can be worlds apart, along with the way they understand each other.

Some people thrive on conflict, others shut down when faced with it, and these differences can lead to even more severe conflict. The solution, Adams said, is working on good communication.

"Good communication comes when your intent equals your impact," he said.

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