Grateful to follow the prophet

After a month's worth of nursery lessons on the theme and variation of "Follow the Prophet," church president Thomas S. Monson has cemented his place as a hero in the hearts of our 2- and 3-year-olds.

The tiny children say his name in unison when I hold up his portrait. They've colored the outlines of his loving face in every shade of the rainbow. They've sat on carpet squares for almost 30 seconds at a time to hear his stories.

It was like a rock concert last Sunday when I brought my laptop to nursery and played the two-minute clip from last year's priesthood session of his famous "ear wiggle."

I had three kids on my lap and another with his arms around my neck and the rest standing and jumping as close as possible to watch the screen and hear President Monson's voice.

They giggled and laughed when he wiggled his ears at the climax of his story about the little boy who mimicked his every move from the audience of a stake conference in which he spoke.

"Again," my enamored students begged. So we rewound the clip and watched the prophet wiggle his ears again.

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