Halloween Tricks

Trick-or-treating usually just involves treating. Here are a few fun "tricks" your kids can offer for their candy!

- Carol with Halloween songs as you walk up to the doors (go to squidoo.com or dltk-holidays.com find new lyrics to classic tunes).

- Teach your kids the dance to the "Thriller" chorus so they can perform it at the door; you can get a copy of the song to play on your phone.

- Ask the homeowner if there's a quick one-minute chore the kids can do, such as take out the garbage on their way out.

- Give your children cards with simple Halloween trivia on them. Ask the person who answers the door a question related to the trivia, and then read the answer. Ideas include: "What words does Halloween come from?" (All Hallows Eve) "Why did people start carving pumpkins?" (To scare away ghosts) "What were the first jack-o-lanterns made of?" (Turnips) The best way to do some of these is to ask first if you can perform the trick; most people will be more than happy to receive them.

Whether or not your kids think it's a good idea to "trick" (or do it at every house), it's a fun way to add some thrill to Halloween night!

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