Hearts Knit in Love

Click here to get the book from deseretbook.com. h3. Theme: The bonds of sisterhood are strengthened as young women show Christ-like kindness for each other. Feelings of individual worth are increased when we are accepting and respectful of each other's differences. When a young woman feels secure in herself, her capacity to serve others is enlarged. In addition, as a young woman shows Christ-like love and extends service to others, her feelings of self-worth increase. h3. Invitation: A heart-shaped card with wooden barbecue skewers inserted to represent knitting needles *Instructions:*
1. Fill in the blanks on card pattern. Copy the invitation on red (Individual Worth) cardstock, and cut out the invitation with decorative scissors.
2. With a hole punch, punch four holes in the places marked so that skewers can be inserted to form an "x" above the heart.
3. Fasten yarn between the pointed skewers to resemble knitting in progress. h3. Decorations: 1. "Hearts Knit in Love" scripture poster-matted and framed in entry.
2. Long tables covered with red and white tablecloths, or use paper tablecloths with a valentine print.
3. Framed pictures of each young woman displayed on tables.
4. A "mailbox" made from a tissue box, in front of each picture.
5. Baskets holding knitting needles and colored balls of yarn.
6. Heart-shaped foil confetti sprinkled over each table.
7. For Young Women in Excellence, display Value Projects near young women's pictures and "mailboxes." h3. "Hearts Knit in Love" Event *Ice-Breaker Activity:* From the Heart (A heart-warming opportunity to share love as young women and parents gather.) Have available on a table as young women and their parents enter: 1. Heart cards
2. Envelopes
3. Pens
4. Stickers
As they arrive, each young woman writes a short note of appreciation to her parents and parents write a note of appreciation to their daughter. Parents deposit their notes in their daughter's "mailbox" and young women seal their notes in the envelopes with their parents' names on the outside. They then give the letter to the "Mailman" (a Young Women leader), who will distribute them at the end of the event. *Hymns:* "Each Life that Touches Ours for Good," no. 293; "Love One Another," no. 308 *Presentation:* Valu-able Role-Plays Young women perform short skits portraying how living the Young Women values can lift and unify them as sisters. After each skit is performed, a young woman, dressed in the appropriate value color, could read the corresponding value statement and scripture from the Young Women Personal Progress book *Refreshments:* Heart-shaped sugar cookies and pink punch h3. Midweek Prep Activities *Mailboxes and more:*
At a Young Women activity, have each young woman bring a tissue box or small shoebox to cover and decorate. Provide wrapping paper, doilies, buttons, glitter glue, etc. The name of each young woman should be displayed on the box, with an opening left at the top of the decorated box as a mail slot. Distribute the heart cards, copied on pink cardstock, to the young women, and have them write a short note of appreciation and encouragement to each member of their class. Do not let the young women read the notes at this time. Gather the cards and deposit them in the appropriate "mailboxes to be taken home and enjoyed after the "Hearts Knit in Love" event. *Valu-able Role-Play Rehearsal:*
At a midweek activity, organize the young women into groups and rehearse the role-plays for the seven Young Women values. Encourage the young women to have fun dramatizing their character--don't be afraid to go overboard * Hint: remember to make a copy of the script for each young woman, and to bring the suggested props. h3. Click Here to get everything you'll need for this program.
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