How Great Shall Be Your Joy

Bro. Carlsen came in late.

There were about eight of us in attendance. I was sitting on the far side of the sealing room with a few others who had come to work in the temple on Wednesday, and the sealer was in the middle of speaking when the door opened slightly to indicate that there was someone else who wanted to come in when the time was appropriate. So we waited, the sealer concluded his remarks, and then the door opened to reveal the face of another temple worker who poked his head in and asked, “I have a gentleman here who would like to do a sealing, do you have room for him?” “Absolutely!” the sealer replied, and the door was pushed further open to allow our new patron easy access.

He didn’t appear right away, but after a brief pause I saw his stooped frame emerge from around the corner. His cane was grasped in his right hand, and it vibrated under his shaky grip. But little by little he made his way inside, inching closer to the front of the room where the sealer asked his name.

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