How do we keep faith amid change?

Some days I'll look out the windows here at the Deseret News and imagine Brigham Young taking a stroll up City Creek Canyon.

I'm not talking about 1860. I mean today.

And I sometimes wonder what his impressions would be.

I imagine him seeing all those joggers trot by in their shorts and asking himself, "Where's the fire?" Why are all these people running in their underwear? Did a dam break? Are Gen. Johnston and his troops back in town?

For the rest of us in today's world, joggers hardly catch our eye. They don't look inappropriately clad or out of place. They're simply jogging -- in jogging duds.

It makes me think of a conversation I had with Elder Neal A. Maxwell toward the end of his life. I asked what he'd been thinking about recently. He said he was trying to understand how eternal principles fit into an ever-changing world.

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