I Am Mother. That is Enough.

I don't generally watch Oprah. I used to, but have become a bit disenchanted as of late. I think it's the me-centered focus of the show. It's all about self fulfillment... taking care of MY needs, doing what's important to ME. But a few weeks ago, when Oprah interviewed Stephanie Meyer, I tuned in to watch.

I'm not over the moon in love with the Twilight books. I read them. I enjoyed the story. The end. I'm not a member of Team this or Team that. I have never vacationed to Forks, Washington on purpose. I have not gone to midnight viewings, camped out in bookstores, or dressed up like a character, vampire or otherwise. But Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon woman, a mother, just like me, that I respect for doing something incredible. For that reason, I wanted to watch.

I'm glad I did.

Oprah asked her if she wrote when her children were really small, then talked about how some women sort of lose themselves when they stay at home with small children. I loved what Stephanie Meyer said in response. She said (forgive my paraphrasing) that when your children are small, you really have to lose yourself in their care, because they are so small and they need so much; they have to be your number one priority. But when they get a little bigger, you start to have more time for other things again.

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