If you are prepared, you shall not fear nursery!

As the cracker stash in our nursery closet dwindles down to crumbs, I realize now is the time to stock up before the end of our ward's annual budget allocations.

A year's supply of snacks is one tool in our belt for dealing with the unpredictable, the catastrophic and the perceived famines that can plague any Primary nursery. Luckily, the Mormon mentality never balks at two shelves full of goldfish crackers and pretzels, because "if we are prepared, we shall not fear" -- even a toddler revolt prompted by grumbling tummies.

Prophet-endorsed principles of provident living stretch far beyond recommendations for a family's food storage and savings accounts -- I realize, it even applies to our nursery.

Two Sundays ago, our Relief Society presidency was asked to speak in sacrament meeting. The lovely ladies who give so much to our ward spoke on the topic of preparedness as it applies to their callings and expertise.

The education counselor spoke on higher education and lifelong learning. The enrichment counselor spoke on provident living and food storage.

Our president took a new twist on the topic and encouraged us to have peace in our lives as it relates to being prepared for anything on the horizon. She detailed three preparedness principles that will increase our mental and spiritual peace: prayer, work and gratitude.

In this era of unemployment, stock-market volatility and economic turmoil, we can have a semblance of peace if we are prepared to provide the basics for our family to survive a variety of possible emergencies.

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