In praise of bright words

I was not excited about running today. For various reasons, I did not fall asleep last night until about 5:00 am. I was up at eight and the sun was already warming things up. Too much for my tastes. It was not hot yet, but I relish running in the cool of the dawn—62 F (~17 C) is perfect for me—and it was already too late for that. So feeling a little glum, I started wearily up the canal access road near my home. This was not going to be a good run.

As if in confirmation of my presentiment, there on the dirt road standing like a herd of springboks was a tight cluster of about twenty-five chattering female high school track team members entirely blocking my way. Ack. Just what I needed. Now I would have to stop and walk and weave and dance my way through that mass. Annoying. Suddenly, one of them saw me coming and she alerted her comrades and instantly they formed a two-sided channel of bodies through which I could pass. As I entered the runway they began cheering and clapping.

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