Initial Impressions of Daughters in My Kingdom

We visited a ward this past Sunday, where I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society. (pictured left) Needless to say, I was thrilled! Especially considering that many of you still haven't received your own copy -- and most likely I wouldn't have gotten one in my home ward, either. I genuinely felt that I was given one of those little tender mercies of the Lord. Although it's actually kind of a funny story...

As we were traveling and only planning on attending Sacrament meeting, I sat there throughout the service wondering if I should find out who the Relief Society president was, and ask her if they had received their shipment? If so, I would then proceed to beg her for a copy, before we took off! Instead, I decided to approach the bishop, who was still on the stand. After all, I had already identified him and we were sitting relatively close. So I did. To my delight he said "yes"! However, he informed me that they were still in the trunk of his car! And that is the point that I began to beg. I kid you not, I seriously told him how thrilled I was to find this out -- as I have been waiting d e s p e r a t e l y for a copy --- and would he please consider allowing me to have a copy -- even though I realize that I am not a member of his ward -- and right now, before we left??? As you can imagine, the guy didn't have a chance! Anyway, he kindly agreed to meet me down by his office, if I could give him a few minutes. No problem!

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