Is Dave's Investing System Sound?

Dear Dave,

Considering that the current economic situation is nearing a calamity, do you feel that your Total Money Makeover investment strategies are still sound?


Dear Anthony,

First, let's review the investment strategies in The Total Money Makeover. Pay cash for real estate so that you own it free and clear. Invest with a long-term mentality in America's best and brightest companies. Put your money into good, growth stock mutual funds - so that you can be well-diversified - with companies that have very long and successful track records.

I always have - and always will - consider these to be very sound investment strategies! I think you're being a little dramatic when you refer to the stock market situation as "nearing calamity." You can live in fear and concentrate on all the negative opinions circulating out there, or you can choose not to live in fear. I'm not talking about some Pollyanna view of things. Use logic, a little reason, and some careful observation of the facts. The truth is that the stock market has gone up about 30 percent since March 9. As an investor, you're in K-Mart and the blue light is on! That sounds like a good thing to me!

- Dave

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