It was either a temple marriage or no marriage

I ended up a member of the LDS Church because I gave my college sweetheart an ultimatum: Marry me or we'd go our separate ways.

We had been dating for a few years, graduation was drawing near, and I had goals that I was determined to achieve. One of them was to be married or engaged by the time I finished college.

Even though I was raised in a single-parent home, my goal was to be married before raising a family. Of course, he rejected being put in that situation, but I needed to know whether marriage was in our future. He threw me for a loop when he told me he wouldn't marry anyone who wasn't a member of his church. What church? I didn't even know he went to church.

But little did I know that my Mormon boyfriend had goals, too. He had prayed that Heavenly Father would bless him to meet a woman who would accept the gospel. After almost a year and a half later of ups, downs, trials and tribulations, I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A few months later, I received the proposal.

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