Jack Weyland writes a 'brave little book'

Some authors write novels so subtle you need to hire a private investigator just to learn what they’re about.

Other authors prefer to write books that actually get read.

Jack Weyland is in the latter camp.

Weyland is so well-known in LDS circles that — as lazy emcees say — “no introduction is necessary.” But let me offer a little one.

Weyland is the author of the blockbuster novel “Charly,” as well as “A New Dawn,” “Pepper Tide” and at least a baker’s dozen more.

Earlier this year he published “The Samaritan Bueno,” a novel that strides boldly into the flames of the immigration debate.

My guess is no large publishing house dared touch it for fear of getting singed. Luckily, Granite Publishing in Orem decided to brave the heat.

In the novel, Dan Winchester is a young man on a mission — while awaiting his mission call.

Simple and sincere, Dan doesn’t deal in lofty discussions about illegal immigration, amnesty and green cards.

He believes when you see somebody suffering — no matter whose fault it is — you do what you can to ease the suffering.

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