January Sharing Time: Faith Will Flower

This sharing time will help the children develop faith in Jesus Christ.

Preparation: Create a poster with a flower stem and middle. Cut petals out of colored paper to add during sharing time. Write the following questions or songs on each petal and place in a bag or basket.

Presentation: Show the flower poster to the children. Explain that something is missing and that they will help you make a beautiful flower. Invite a child to come forward and pick a petal to add to the flower. Have them follow the instructions on the petal. If it is a song, have them help lead it.

1. "I Know My Father Lives" Children's Songbook, p. 5

2. Have everyone stand and repeat the 4th Article of Faith. What is the first principle of the gospel?

3. Read 1 Nephi 1:7. Who helps us keep the commandments?

4. Name someone in the scriptures that was helped or strengthened by praying.

5. "Faith" Children's Songbook, p. 96

6. Read John 5:39. What is something that helps us have faith in Jesus Christ?

7. Name someone who teaches you about Jesus Christ.

8. Have everyone repeat Alma 32:21. If we can see something, do we have faith it is there?

9. "I'll Follow Him in Faith" Outline for Sharing Time, 2007, p. 11

10. Read James 1:5. What is something that helps us have faith in Jesus Christ?

11. "I Pray in Faith" Children's Songbook, p. 14

Show the children how the flower is now full and beautiful. Explain that as we learn more about Jesus Christ, our faith in him will grow and develop just like the flower did. Bear your testimony about the things you've learned.

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