January Sharing Time: Promises in the Scriptures

Draw a simple version of stone tablets, an ancient scroll, gold plates, and a quill pen on four large sheets of paper. Gather the pictures needed from the Gospel Art Kit (see presentation below). Familiarize yourself with the scripture noted for each picture.

Post the four drawings at the front of the room. Place the Gospel Art Kit pictures on a table or around the room where the children can see them.

Show the four drawings to the children. Explain that they represent the Old Testament (stone tablets), the New Testament (scroll), the Book of Mormon (gold plates), and the Doctrine and Covenants (quill pen). Help them understand that each of these books were written in a different time and place, but they are all scriptures and they all contain the word of the Lord in them. Read Doctrine and Covenants 1:37. Explain that today you are going to learn about a few of these prophecies and promises.

Have a child select a Gospel Art Kit picture. Have them show it to the group as you briefly retell the promise that goes with. (Older children could look up the scripture or read it aloud if desired). Discuss if the promise has been fulfilled yet. Have the children decide which book of scripture the story is from. Then have the child post the picture under the correct drawing. Sing the song, if that picture has a song associated with it. Repeat this process with all the GAK pictures.

Old Testament:
GAK 103. Genesis 9:13-15. Noah is promised that the Lord will never again destroy the entire world with a flood. Song: "Follow the Prophet," Children's Songbook 110.

GAK 109. JST Genesis 50:27,33. Joseph of Egypt is promised that a descendant of his, also named Joseph (Smith), will become a great prophet and bring many people to salvation.

GAK 105. Genesis 17:3-4. Abraham is promised that he will have children and be the father of many nations.

New Testament:
GAK 207. Luke 1:13, 16. Zacharias is promised that he and his wife Elisabeth will have a son who will be named John (the Baptist). He will turn many people to the Lord.

GAK 233. 1 John 2:25. We are all promised eternal life (resurrection).

GAK 236. Acts 2:33 and John 16:7. Jesus Christ promised his disciples that the Holy Ghost would comfort them after he left. Song: "The Holy Ghost," CS 105.

Book of Mormon:
GAK 304. Ether 2:7 and 2 Nephi 1:3. The Lord promised Lehi's family and the Jaredites that they would come to a land of promise. Song: "Book of Mormon Stories," CS 118.

GAK 312. Alma 48:25 (last half). The Lord promised all those who lived in the promised land that they would prosper if they kept the commandments.

GAK 314. Helaman 14:2. Samuel the Lamanite promised that Jesus Christ would be born in five years.

Doctrine and Covenants:
GAK 400. D&C 89:3,20-21. The Lord told Joseph Smith that the Word of Wisdom is a principle with a promise. If obeyed we can "run and not be weary and walk and not faint" and the destroying angel will pass over us.

GAK 408. D&C 127:8. The Lord promised to restore the priesthood authority to the earth.

GAK 417. D&C 2:1-2. The Lord promised that Elijah would return and restore the power to seal families together. Song: "Families Can Be Together Forever," CS 188.

Conclude with your testimony of the promises Heavenly Father makes to us.

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