John Bytheway and Brad Wilcox give hugs and talk the Book of Mormon

Brad Wilcox and John Bytheway are having just too much fun at BYU's Campus Education Week.

Wilcox channels a little bit of Leo Buscaglia with hugs, love and humor. Bytheway is also little bit like a stand-up comedian. Both have attitude, smiles and testimony.

And youths crowded into the Smith Field House at BYU loved it.

Teens lined up before the tag-team talk to get autographs and hug Wilcox. Bytheway slipped in at the last second and the show began.

Their topic was the Book of Mormon — the signature scripture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Back and forth they went with anecdotes, insights with some good-natured heckling of each other.

Wilcox, an author and retired Seminary teacher, gave an animated reenactment of a typical conversation he has had with people who say that Mormons are not Christian.

"You're not Christian."

"Yes, of course I am Christian. I'm Christian. The name of the church is The Church of JESUS CHRIST."

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