July 2008 Sharing Time--Fishers of Men

This sharing time will engage the children in an activity that helps them learn to be missionaries. Preparation:
From stiff paper, cut out eight fish shapes. Label each fish with a number (1 through 8). Attach a paper clip to the nose of each fish. Make a "fishing pole" by tying a string to one end of a stick and tying a magnet to the free end of the string. Obtain a picture of Christ calling his disciples (such as Gospel Art Kit #209). Familiarize yourself with Matthew 4:18-22. Presentation:
Show the children the picture of Christ calling the fishermen. Briefly retell the story. Invite a child to come to the front of the room and read Matthew 4:19. Ask the children what they think being a "fisher of men" means. [Peter and Andrew's job had been using nets to catch (gather in) fish, now Jesus wanted them to use their time teaching the gospel to people (or gathering in men and women).] Explain that another word for this is being a missionary. Tell the children that today you are going to go fishing to learn more about being a missionary. Spread the fish out on the floor and ask a child to come "catch" one with the fishing pole. Have the child answer the question (or all the children sing the song) that corresponds to that fish's number. Discuss their answer and let the other children give answers if they'd like. Repeat with the remaining fish. Fish:
1. One of your friends heard something on the news that made them think members of the Church do bad things. What can you do to help them know what we really believe?
2. Missionaries need to teach people about the scriptures. What can you do now to help you be ready teach the gospel when you are a missionary?
3. Sing "Called to Serve," Children's Songbook, p. 174-75.
4. One of your friends is not a member of the church. They don't want to come to church with you on Sunday, but what other activities can you invite them to? (Cub Scouts, Activity Days, Quarterly Activities, Ward Dinners, Family Home Evening, etc.)
5. One of your friends asks you where you go every Sunday. They say they don't have a church to go to. What could you do?
6. How is using good language and treating others kindly being a missionary? (They will see your example and judge the Church by how you act.)
7. Sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth," Children's Songbook, p. 172.
8. Missionaries often have to walk or ride bicycles to do their work. What can I do now to help me be physically prepared to be a missionary?
Bear your testimony about the missionary work. Help the children understand that they can be full-time missionaries when they get older and that they should prepare for that. Also, teach them that they can be good missionaries now.
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