July Sharing Time: Whose Prayer Was It?

This sharing time will help the children learn that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.

Preparation: Obtain the following pictures: Enos Praying (Gospel Art Kit 305), Nephi Subdues His Rebellious Brothers (GAK 303), Sermon on the Mount (GAK 212), Alma Baptizes in the Waters of Mormon (GAK 309), and Joseph Smith Seeks Wisdom in the Bible (GAK 402).

Make five wordstrips with the following names: ENOS, NEPHI, JESUS CHRIST, ALMA, JOSEPH SMITH.

Prepare five slips of paper with one of the following scripture references on each piece: Enos 1:3-5; 1 Nephi 17:8-10; Luke 11: 1-4, 9-10; Mosiah 27: 8, 11, 14: Joseph Smith--History 1:15-19.

Post the pictures on one side of the board. Post the wordstrips in random order on the other side of the board.

Presentation: Explain to the children that Heavenly Father has promised to listen to and answer our prayers, today they are going to learn about some people in the scriptures who had their prayers answered.

Divide the children into five groups with at least one teacher or leader assigned to each group. Show them the pictures posted on the board. Give each group one of the scripture references. Explain that each group should read their scripture to discover whose prayer their scripture is about. They should also be able to retell the story that goes along with their scripture to the rest of the children.

Give the groups a few minutes to look up their scripture and quietly discuss it. Then call on the first group to tell whose prayer they read about. Have them draw a line between the name and picture that goes along with their scripture. (You may have to help the group reading about Alma's prayer for his son know that the baptism picture is Alma.) Then have one (or more) member(s) of the group retell the story to the rest of the Primary. Continue until each group has identified their person and retold their scripture story.

Explain that Heavenly Father is real and that he listens to and will answer our prayers because he loves us. Some of the prayers in these stories were answered in spectacular ways, but most prayers are answered in simpler ways. Bear your personal testimony of the principle of prayer.

Sing songs that will help reinforce this lesson, such as: "Tell Me, Dear Lord," Children's Songbook, 176; "A Child's Prayer," CS, 12; "Search, Ponder, and Pray," CS 109; and "Children All Over the World," CS, 16.

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