Kedzie Noble Winnie Writes from Nome, 1912

You might remember Kedzie Noble Winnie, the young man baptized in the Bering Sea in 1902, by Edward G. Cannon. His was the first known baptism in Alaska. Kedzie assisted Elder Cannon in preaching the gospel in Nome until Elder Cannon passed away in 1910 – and now we know that he continued as a missionary even after he was left alone.

On 8 January 1912, Elder Winnie wrote to Salt Lake with his report on recent activities in Alaska. A Methodist minister had recently appeared there, he said, a Rev. Baldwin, whose first sermons concerned the wickedness of the Mormons and supported the Spaulding theory of the origin of the Book of Mormon. Elder Winnie reported that the preacher had served him by the laying on of hands – that is, when Elder Winnie challenged Rev. Baldwin’s claims about the Book of Mormon, Rev. Baldwin took hold of Elder Winnie and physically pushed him out of the building.

Another of his woes was the fact that the editor of The Daily Nugget allowed Rev. Baldwin to publish his attacks on the Mormons in that paper, but would not allow Elder Winnie the privilege of responding.

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