Keeping Winter Lively

With winter chill comes a tendency to stay inside . . . and a tendency to be inactive. But adults are supposed to get thirty consecutive minutes of movement a day, and kids are supposed to get sixty. To keep your family moving during the winter months, here are a few fun ideas for weekend activities. * Have a snowman-building contest. See who can build a three-tiered snowman to a certain height (say 4 feet)--with button eyes, carrot nose, and scarf--the fastest. The team that wins gets to choose the evening's meal. * Take a trip to the zoo and point out how animals adjust for the winter months. Ask each person in the family to come up with something. * Go sledding! If you live in an area that doesn't get snow, set up a slip-and-slide on a hill and inner-tube down the slide. * Visit your local indoor pool and have summer in January. Bring a beach ball and, if allowed, a small summer picnic to eat together. * Shovel and salt the driveways of a few neighbors. This will not only work up a sweat, but will also be more fun together and can be a great service project for your family. * Go to a park and let the family run around. (Don't forget to bring towels if there was rain or snow recently!) Bring hot chocolate in a thermos for a half-time treat. * Take a nature walk or hike and enjoy the cool winter air. If you live in a place where it snows, identify different animal tracks and try to guess which animal made them.
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