LDS Father Loses His Daughter's Wedding Photos—and the Miracle That Followed

by | Nov. 28, 2017

Mormon Life

What a great example of how God is aware of what is important in our lives. 

Editor’s Note: To protect the privacy of the father, his last name has been changed.

Millions of people celebrated Thanksgiving last week, but the most grateful man in America was quite possibly a Latter-day Saint father living in Orem, Utah. Why? Because just a few months ago, Kevin Young knew he was a dead man—and may have been one if it weren’t for divine intervention.

You see, after his daughter’s temple ceremony and marriage festivities, Kevin had been entrusted with the photographer’s memory card that held all of his daughter’s wedding photos. But the day following the wedding, Kevin realized that he no longer had the memory card.

It was nowhere to be found, and it was his fault.

He had gone hiking, helped his brother with a car, gone out to eat at a restaurant—all while leaving the memory card in his pocket.

As soon as Kevin realized the memory card was gone, panic set in. He may have thought to himself “not again!” because something similar had happened just the year before with another daughter’s wedding.

This time was far worse, however. Last year, some of the photos had already been downloaded to a computer before the memory card was lost forever. This time all of the photographer’s photos were on the memory card and none of them had been downloaded.

Only a father can know the desperation Kevin felt as he began looking…everywhere…for that memory card.

With the help of several family members, he searched the restaurant and combed through every car he had been in. Kevin then frantically roamed the trails he had hiked, hoping that he might somehow come across the memory card.

But it was to no avail. His daughter was going to be devastated when she returned from her honeymoon.

And that’s when something remarkable happened.

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