LDS U of U football players hold fireside in San Diego

Although his team was spending several days in southern California for its bowl game against the University of California, Utah assistant football coach Morgan Scalley said the most important part of the trip for several team members had already taken place that morning.

"The greatest thing we could do today was to partake of the sacrament," Scalley said. "It was far more important than anything we'll do as a football team this week."

Scalley and two Ute defensive starters, Mike Wright and Christian Cox, spoke of the remembering Jesus Christ this Christmas season and throughout the year during a fireside at the Pomerado Ward Building in the Poway Stake Dec. 20.

With several young priesthood holders among the 200 or so members in the audience, each of the Utes spoke of their missions and how it helped them in all aspects of their lives.

"Nothing will ever compare to what I accomplished in the mission field," said Scalley, who served a mission to Munich, Germany. "Football means nothing compared to the work of spreading the gospel. That's the greatest feeling in the world and nothing we do as football players can compare to that."

Wright talked about goals, which most people set at the start of the year, but often not following through. He talked about the 2008 Utah season and how the team set 10 goals at the start of the year, including having proper team chemistry, having no off-the-field issues as well as going undefeated and winning a BCS game.

"We achieved every goal and it was a very special year for us," he said, pointing to hard work, determination, discipline, teamwork and never losing sight of their goals as the main reasons why.

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