LDS disparity between black Africa and African-Americans

A few weeks ago, I watched the documentary "Pioneers of Africa" on BYU Television. It tells the story of church growth in Africa before the church was officially organized there. It also documents how the church membership in Africa has increased since the 1978 priesthood revelation.

I was amazed by the faith and testimonies of those featured in the program. I was humbled and inspired by what I heard. I was especially impressed by the faith and testimony of Joseph Johnson of Ghana and Moses Mahlangu of South Africa. Both men waited years for the church to be official in their countries so that they could be baptized.

While waiting, they were diligent in sharing the message of the restored gospel with their friends and family. So much so that the people had began organizing church meetings. By the time church officials arrived, thousands were prepared to enter the waters of baptism.

While watching this program, I couldn't resist comparing blacks in America to those in Africa. I pondered what it is that makes it easier for them to accept the restored gospel. Why is it that church growth in black Africa is increasing at such a high rate, while in America the rate seems much slower among African-Americans?

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