LDS filmakers (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) release new movie

Jared and Jerusha Hess aren't your typical Hollywood power couple. They live in Utah with their two kids, and they're members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — better known as the Mormon church.

But a power couple they are, of sorts: The filmmakers, best known for their surprise hit Napoleon Dynamite, are also the creative duo behind the camp Jack Black curiosity Nacho Libre and the new comedy Gentlemen Broncos.

This latest oddball fable revolves around Benjamin Purvis, a home-schooled teen who writes a disturbing science fiction story called "Yeast Lords." Benjamin winds up meeting his literary hero — a famous sci-fi author named Ronald Chevalier — whose trademark accessories are his Bluetooth earpiece and elaborate turquoise jewelry. Stuck in a writers'-block rut and facing a publisher's ultimatum, Chevalier winds up stealing "Yeast Lords" and publishing it as his own.

To make matters worse, local filmmakers turn it into a truly dreadful movie shot on VHS tape with cheesy effects. The irony: It looks a little like Jared Hess' very early work — from when he was a kid.

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