LDS like full helping of sugar

I had a friend in Logan who fancied himself a sophisticate. He wasn't LDS, but he had a lot of LDS friends. And he told me he loved to go to dinner at Mormon homes because the food was always superb. What wasn't so superb, he said, was the sweet, red punch they served with the meals. For him, a good dinner cried out for a good wine, and that red punch was like eating a Snickers bar between bites of tuna fish.

Mormon sweetness.

Latter-day sugar.

Call it what you will, it shows up in our food, in our music and art and in our personalities.

It's the calling card of most members of the church.

When comedians spoof the Mormons, they spin that sweetness into a "too-good-to-be-true" niceness to get laughs.

And if it's inside of you, it's there for good.

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