Let’s give them something to talk about

We had our stake conference this weekend. Usually, I get almost nothing out of Stake Conference, as trying to keep two little kids sitting in a pew for 2 hours must qualify for one of Dante’s seven circles of hell. But this time, I was called to speak in the adult only Saturday session, so I got to get up close and personal with the podium, and actually heard what others had to say.

I love our Stake President, too. He is down to earth, direct, and teaches simple doctrine. Last Saturday, he said that one of his bishops was concerned about what he hears his ward members talk about.

He said that he walks down the halls in the church, and doesn’t hear gospel conversations. It’s friendly and cordial, but he is concerned that he hears the words “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” more than he hears about Jesus Christ, or stories from the scriptures. So, our Stake President asked us to be careful what we talk about.

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