Mi Vida, Mi Historia

Viewing the new Latino-themed exhibition at the Church History Museum is akin to dining at the world's most well-stocked buffet. There are simply too many offerings to enjoy everything in a single visit.

It's a rich, interactive exhibit — incorporating photography, video and design to share the LDS experiences and testimonies of some two dozen individuals and couples from Latin America. Curators hope "Mi Vida, Mi Historia: Stories of faith and inspiration from Latino Latter-day Saints" can allow museum visitors to better understand how members from Latin America — each infused with the nuances and traditions of his or her own national culture — can enrich and strengthen the Church worldwide.

"This is not intended to be a history of the Church in Latin America," said Ray Halls, the exhibit curator. Instead, the subjects of the exhibit are allowed to share their own unique histories that formed testimonies that unify them with fellow LDS Latinos and Church members everywhere. Their common belief in Christ harmonizes their distinct voices into a chorus of one.

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