Mission Inaction

UCLA quarterback Ben Olson was living on $130 a week, rising at 6:30 a.m. to get ready for work. There was one hour for lunch, then the nose went back to the grindstone until he returned home at 9:30 p.m. This was his life during a two-year Mormon mission that took him from the football field to Sparwood, Canada. The only "sack" he knew during that period was welcomed, the one he fell into after a long day on the job. "It's a very disciplined life," Olson said. "Your mom's not there to do things. You're responsible for yourself." And football? "I'd be lucky if I tossed a football around once a week," Olson said. Max Hall, who will be playing quarterback for Brigham Young on Saturday against UCLA at the Rose Bowl, experienced similar lessons during his two years of missionary work in Iowa. "I learned it is a lot different than home," said Hall, who grew up in Mesa, Ariz., and transferred from Arizona State. "I served in areas that had small towns and farms with dirt roads. People would hang out on the porch every afternoon. There were a lot of good experiences and I was able to bring the gospel to a lot of people, with a fair amount of success. Go to LATimes.com to read the full story.
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