Mormon Blogstars make it big on the Internet

Prominent Mormons aren't hard to come by these days, whether it's Donny or Mitt. We see them in the headlines, talk about them in the foyer and watch from afar.

But there's another group of Mormons who are famous in their own right and also really accessible. Fans read about and interact with them weekly. They reach millions of people on a daily basis. They are photographers, writers, designers and dancers whose influence crosses borders and demographics.

They are women; read them blog.

Of the tens of millions of existing personal Web sites, few attract the kinds of audiences requisite for Internet fame. Every niche of the Internet has its own mini-celebrities, but several Mormon women are popular in the blogosphere at large.

Gabrielle Blair blogs about where design and motherhood meet on her site "Design Mom." Courtney Kendrick uses her blog "CJane Enjoy It" as a place to put her personal essays. Stephanie Nielson, who was recently featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," is author of the popular blog the "NieNie Dialogues." Naomi Davis chronicles newlywed life in "The Rockstar Diaries."

Blair says Mormon women always find creative outlets. Some paint, some join the PTA, some scrapbook. So it's not surprising that so many, like her, would choose to blog.

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