Mormon family took the Lord along on its 52-week journey

As John and September Higham and their two young children traveled around the world in 2006, they could only take along the bare essentials.

That included a pair of tandem bikes and bike repair tools, books, cash, maps and wrinkle-free Sunday clothes squashed into zip-close bags.

The bikes were supposed to be the primary mode of transportation through Europe, but their daughter, Katrina, broke her leg and changed that plan. They shipped the bikes home and relied more on public transportation. The books -- which were sent in bundles to key points throughout the trip -- were for education, entertainment and enlightenment. September, a teacher, kept the children learning throughout the trip. The cash was needed in Third World areas where there were no working ATMs. The maps, of course, helped them find their way.

The Sunday clothes made it possible for the Mormon family to recharge their batteries every week, no matter where in the world they found themselves.

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