Mormon/non-Mormon friendships

Do LDS children have more "privileges," with regard to socializing with younger members of their own church, than non-Mormon kids seeking friendships with LDS children?

An adult LDS neighbor, who is writing a paper for a college course, recently asked my wife and me that question. My answer came back as a yes and a no for several reasons. I'd also like to hear your responses.

We're non-active Catholics living in mostly Mormon Bountiful. We display a crucifix at the main entrance of our home.

We buy beer at the local Smiths, cheap wine at the nearby liquor store. In lieu of church last Sunday, I took our two daughters for a little baptism of sorts at Lagoon's water rides. And I brew strong coffee at my house...You'd think a family like ours would not be accepted in Bountiful. You'd think our children or their parents would be outcasts. Not so.

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