Mormons and Racism: Are Mormons Racist?

A few days ago I posted this article to address a few of the hot topics currently being discussed, in the news and online, about Mormon beliefs and practices. And this week, once again, based on a number of news reports circulating on the Internet, I feel the need to discuss the question: Are Mormons racist?

The issue of Mormons and racism is a concern to many modern-day Latter-day Saints who see this as a way to demonize our faith. I would venture to say that if someone were to ask just about any Mormon, that question, they would emphatically respond "no"! However, due to past LDS history that denied the priesthood to Black Mormons until 1978 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and its members, are still considered, by some, racist -- over a quarter century later.

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