Mormons and Social Media - Getting Started

LDS Church News has published an article about the ongoing and planned use to encourage Mormons to use Social Media to share the gospel, online. It seems like it was just yesterday when many of us may have been given cautions from local Church leaders about the evils of using Social Media sites -- such as Facebook. Today however, the LDS Church has made peace with this platform and now sees it as as a very effective way to share our message with the world.

"Social media is fun, free and informative. It's also here to stay. It has the potential to connect the world, and any individual or organization trying to communicate a message to a large audience should take a serious look. With a message as important as the restored gospel, it's no wonder why the Church is taking gospel discussions online and encouraging members to do likewise." LDS Church News - "The Church in Cyberspace; Using social media to spread the gospel"

It's been almost four years now since I personally became active with using Social Media to share the gospel online. I joined HubPages to write, Facebook to connect, Twitter to broadcast and YouTube as ways to assist me in my desire to add more credible information, online, about Mormonism.

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