Mormons face opposition in Helotes, TX

The Osmond Family is the Mormon Church’s version of the Manson Family.

Mormons wear magical underwear, and Joseph Smith was killed because he forgot to put his on.

The Mormon religion tells its followers that there are planets ruled by gods who were once human; therefore, you can be a god too.

These are just three of the more than 200 online comments that were posted on the MySA Community News Web site in response to the Northwest Weekly’s report this past month about the planned construction of a Mormon church in Helotes.

Though there is a wide variety of churches in the Helotes area – two Baptist, one Presbyterian, one Hindu temple, one Methodist, one Catholic, one Christian, one Evangelistic near Grey Forest and one labeled a “community” church – those who claim to live in Helotes and are posting online seem not only put out by the church coming to their city but also angry, stating that the church could have a negative effect on not only their city but their families.

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