Natural Remedies for a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is essential to our body's health, but one in four people have a difficult time falling asleep and staying that way. Most people don't like taking sleeping pills, so instead, try these natural remedies to help you get the best sleep you've had in years. * Use your five senses to become aware of your surroundings. Is your pillow too hard, is there an annoying buzz from the fan, or is it too hot? Little things like these can ruin your sleep, so take the time to find and fix them. * Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom. Your sleep environment should be clean and peaceful. The last things you need to look at are bills on the desk and dirty laundry all over the floor. * Adjust the temperature in your bedroom for optimum sleep. In the summer, it should be 74 degrees; in the winter set it at 67 degrees. * Keep a writing pad on your nightstand so when you start to think of things you need to do, you can write them down and then forget about them. Your mind should be clear of pressing thoughts. * Get the TV out of your bedroom. The light and sounds are stimulants and will keep you awake. Your body needs to associate the bedroom with sleep, not with watching TV. * Exercise tires your body and prepares it for bed. Also, eating healthy foods with lots of antioxidants will rebuild your body during sleep, helping you feel refreshed when you wake up. * Whole grains contain magnesium and typtophan, both natural sleep sedatives. Try munching on some whole grain crackers an hour before bed. * The scent of lavender has special sedative qualities, like helping you sleep through the night. Place a lavender sachet under your pillow or burn essential lavender oil for a little aromatherapy.
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