Nephi Had a Crisis of Faith, Too

Having doubts or questions isn't a bad thing—in fact, it's quite natural. What matters is how we respond to those doubts. 

Anyone who’s read the Book of Mormon knows that Nephi was faithful while Laman was faithless. But most people don’t realize that while Nephi and Laman ended up heading in very different spiritual directions, they *both* began the journey into the wilderness with serious questions about whether Lehi was really a prophet and whether his instructions really came from God.

That’s right. Laman wasn’t the only who had doubts. As we will see, Nephi did too. But the way Nephi responded to his questions made all the difference.

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Considering the barrage of doubts facing many of our close friends and family members (or ourselves), we urgently need to know how Nephi survived his crisis of faith stronger than ever before, while Laman eventually abandoned his faith altogether.

As we read about Nephi’s crisis of faith, a three-part formula emerges–shedding light on how anyone might successfully navigate doubts as they arise.

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