Nevada's 2013 Young Mother of the Year (a Mormon) Shares Thoughts on Motherhood

Today I have the fun of having Montserrat Ventura Wadsworth, as a guest blogger here on WBMW. I say 'fun' for a variety of reason, not the least of which being that Monserrat is simply just that, and so much more. To be honest, if I had come upon her in my own early years of mothering, I would have turned immediately the other way upon seeing her in the halls at church and run; can you say 'intimidating'? With the rise in our ability to get to know each other, which the Internet now provides, we are able to break through barriers that once kept us from truly seeing that we are actually more alike that once perceived. (If we choose to use it that way.) I first came to know Montserrat when writing together about our love for The Family Proclamation and found that she, too, loves chocolate; a match made in heaven. It's been up hill since as you can imagine. If you have similar interests, stay with us, and don't let anything she might say, such as changing a 'dirty diaper', intimidate you.
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