Never fear, Little Bro. I know how to speak girl.

My younger brother has returned to college for the fall after being away for 2 years to serve a church mission. He calls/texts me on a fairly regular basis for advice on one of two things: his current Humanities assignment or his girl problems. I’m going to tackle the more difficult of these two topics in my post today. Little Bro, in no particular order, I give you a six-pack of Apron Stage wisdom nuggets. (Ummmm… wisdom nuggets.)

1) Girls know that if you kiss them on the first date you either a) like them too much or b) don’t like them enough. Subtle forms of first date physical contact—so subtle, in fact, that they could be mistaken for general manners—work best. Example: Touch the small of her back as you usher her into a room while holding the door open for her. If she likes you, it’ll make her go weak at the knees. If not, it doesn’t come across as creepy.*

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