Newborn No-Nos

I met the most enchanting newborn baby yesterday. You forget how astonishingly teeny-tiny there are - especially if your frame of reference is now a 37 pound two year old. After dropping off dinner and chatting for a few minutes, the mother mentioned she was worried about taking her baby to church because of some annoying behavior she’d seen, i.e., people grabbing the baby from the mother without warning. As I drove home, I realized that the most flagrant breaches of newborn etiquette are probably borne out of ignorance. Not everyone has a newborn baby around to practice on, after all. So I thought of a few items of newborn etiquette - or Newborn No-Nos - most mothers would appreciate you to follow. Feel free to chime in with your own.

1. Do not touch the baby without first washing your hands and asking permission

2. Do not make comments about how the baby looks nothing like the mother (or father)

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