November 2008 Sharing Time--Obedience Brings Blessings

This sharing time will help the children learn more about the blessings Heavenly Father gives to them. Preparation: Have chalk (or dry-erase marker) for the board. Make a sheet of paper for each child with the words, "I Am Thankful for _____________." Have crayons available. For younger children, you may wish find pictures to represent the commandments and blessings you'd like to discuss. Presentation: Draw a line down the middle of the board. Label one side "Commandments." Ask the children to name some things Heavenly Father asks us to do. List them on the board. (These could include Keep the Sabbath day holy, don't lie, don't steal, be kind, don't smoke, love one another, etc.) For younger children you could post pictures rather than write the words. Move to the other side of the board and label it "Blessings." Have the children name some of the blessings they receive from Heavenly Father. List them on the board. (These could include food, bodies, clothes, family, the world, Jesus, temples, the church, etc.) Again, for younger children you could use pictures rather than words. Discuss how Heavenly Father has given us blessings because he loves us very much. Explain that when we obey the commandments, it shows Heavenly Father that we love Him. Give each child a paper and have them draw something they are thankful for. Let the children show their pictures to the rest of the group and tell what blessing they chose. Bear your testimony that Heavenly Fathers loves them and gives them many blessings. Sing songs about blessings such as, "For Health and Strength," CS, 21a; "My Heavenly Father Loves Me," CS 228; "I Am Glad for Many Things," CS 151; and "I Love to See the Temple," CS 95.
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